Isle of Purbeck Arts Club oversees and distributes the following Bursaries:

The Douglas Strickland Bursary has provided financial support for over 30 years to local schools to purchase equipment which will enhance the teaching of the Arts.   Schools have been assisted in purchasing such items as display boards for artwork, print screens, books for school libraries, digital cameras, musical instruments, stage blocks, dance costumes and much more.

The Emmie and Rex Neate Fund which supports young artists with bursaries to
enable them to further their artistic abilities.   

Since 2017, 10 young artist students have received grants for their pursuits – two ballet dancers and a dancer trained in Musical Theatre, a Fine Artist, an artist who is studying Graphic Art, (both of whom have on occasion exhibited at our Summer Exhibition),  two violinists, one of whom has played with the National Children’s Orchestra, a drummer and  two actors.

The Pat Tunnell Fund for aspiring singers.

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